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Gods and Mythologies

Human Gods

Nature Spirits

The oldest of religions, the spirits of nature are a wild, tappable source of divine power, though there is not a deity at work. Shamans of all humans have used this as a source of power since time immemorial. Today, Nature Spirits are only worshiped by the peoples of the Wildplains, now known as the Sharakar.

The Beast Gods

The Beast Gods came to spread their word across the entire planet, and were quite successful, except in two cases. In the Wildplains, where there Genie messengers were feared and banished as if they were demons by the primitive tribes, superstitious and suspicious from their harsh life and warring in the savage savannah. Also in the Eastern City-states, where distrust of the Umadai Kingdom led to the paranoid belief that the Genies were Umadai spies spreading falsehoods for destabilization. Everywhere else, they successfully supplanted Nature Spirits as the source of the Shamans’ Power. Today, they are only worshiped by the tribes of the Northern Barbarians, and the Gatians who have not converted to Dorn Kilrani. These worshipers typically worship all four, but choose one to revere above the rest. Elemental creatures (including Genasi) typically worship only one of them.

Beast God of Air: Byakko, White Tiger of the West

Byakko takes the form of a White Tiger and rules the element of Air. His time of year is the Autumn. He is patron to warriors, and values the mind, intelligence, strategy, and strength. His proxies are Djinni.

Beast God of Earth: Genbu, Black Tortoise of the North

Genbu takes the form of a Black, Green, or Brown tortoise with a snake’s head for its tail and rules the element of Earth. His time of year is Winter. He is patron to priests, and values life, clarity, and healing. His proxies are Dao.

Beast God of Fire: Suzaku, Vermillion Bird of the South

Suzaku takes the form of a mighty Red Phoenix and rules the element of Fire. His time of year is the Summer. He is patron to wizards, and values power and passion. His proxies are Efreeti.

Beast God of Water: Seiryuu, Azure Dragon of the East

Seiryuu takes the form of a Blue, Oriental Dragon and rules the element of Water. His time of year is the Spring. He is patron to rogues, and values love, serenity, agility, and adaptability. His proxies are Marids.

Dragons of the Urd Mountains

Not a god at all, but fearsome enough to command the attention of the Southern Barbarians. The dragons, seeming immortal and all-powerful, were easily worshiped by the weak and short-lived humans. When the Genies came to spread the word of the Beast Gods, the Genies were annihilated by the Dragons, and the Southern Barbarians continue to worship them, to this day. They cannot grant spells or powers, but if they are properly supplicated and worshiped then they might not be inclined to destroy the human villages.


Being far enough north to escape the realm of the dragons, but still connected to learn that Dragons destroyed the Genies, the Illtoridians did not give much heed to the Genies when they tried to spread word of the Beast Gods. They weren’t powerful enough to defeat Dragons, so therefore must be false gods attempting to win worship by seducing people with evil spells and granted powers. The Illtoridians developed the idea of a perfect god, one who does not grant spells or powers in a flagrant attempt to seduce the people. This idea has evolved into the worship of the god Lewkvir, who doesn’t really exist. The irony is not lost upon the Beast Gods.

The Oerthian Pantheon

The Oerthian Pantheon took a small hold of the Eastern City-states, and has had some success there. The suspicious and paranoid nature of the City-states has led to even the most benevolent of the Gods, even Pelor himself, to be little more than a figure-head to rationalize their corruption and greed. While the priests do have real power, the good gods are attempting to gently redirect their followers into a righteous path, with mixed results.

Dorn Kilrani

When the Karion Refugees settled in the New World, they turned to local worship to aid them and give them help, since Lewkvir didn’t do shit for them. This led virtually all of them to convert to the Beast Gods, which they have worshiped since. However, it was Reverend Crack Jackson, a prophet of Dorn Kilrani, along with Lady Liloyne Marcu of Genon Lee that slew the Evil Wizard Tristan, and freed the people of their tyranny. Ever since then, the majority of Gatians have worshiped Dorn Kilrani nearly exclusively.


Quetzalcouatl appears as a feathered, winged serpent, sometimes holding its tail in its mouth. It is both sexless and hermaphroditic simultaneously. Quetzalcouatl is the human name for Jazirian, God of the Couatls. Quetzalcouatl and its Couatls have been fighting the influence of the evil god Tezcatlipoca, and have garnered the admiration and worship of many of the tribes of the Archipelago. When the Genies came to spread the word of the Beast Gods, they were already devout to Quetzalcouatl.


Tezcatlipoca appears as a large jaguar. He is an evil and chaotic god that delights in destruction and death. He has held sway over the wild archipelago since long before the prehistoric human migration from Illtorid, and is partially responsible for many of the humans continuing on in their migration to what is now known as the New World. Tezcatlipoca has won worshipers among some of the Tabaxi and humans alike. He demands blood sacrifices, and his followers wage wars and raids to supply this demand, lest they be forced to sacrifice their own people.

Mor’ghan the Grim Toll

Mor’ghan is the Orcish God of death. It is before his judgment that the dead must answer to. Your accompments in life are weighed to determine your fate in the afterlife. Mor’ghan has recently supplanted Gruumsh as the primary God of worship amongst Orcs.

Gods and Mythologies

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