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Time in Illtorid

The land of Illtorid uses a different calendar for each country, and often a new calendar for each successive ruler as well. Bookkeeping in Illtorid is often difficult at best. The Archipelago generally does not have any calendars, as it is very tribal in nature, and often refers to the passage of time as an esoteric, and unfathomable mystery. Like most typical human rulers, Tristan created his own calendar when he began his rule. However, no replacement ruler stepped up in his void, giving rise to the complex politics of the human lands of the New World. Therefore, no one replaced Tristan’s calendar, as such, it is currently the longest-lived and most stable and reliable calendar in the world of Illtorid.


Many other worlds view winter as death and old age, and spring as the beginning of life, but Illtoridians see it differently. They see winter as the beginning of the year, as pregnancy is the beginning of life. The year consists of 365 days, consisting of 4 seasons and 12 months. Each month is exactly 30 days made up of 5 weeks of 6 days. There is an epigomenal day (existing outside of the months) in every season and an intercalary day of endyear that exists outside of the year or it’s seasons. It is said, that on these days, time itself stands still so that the gods may celebrate the turning of the multiverse. No business happens on these days. Endyear is the “biggest” holiday, and is typically a community celebration.

Months, Epagomenal and Intercalary Holidays

Winter: Semb — Janu — [Winter Solstice] — Ebru
Spring: Marseille — Aparrilo — [Vernal Equinox] — Telmayon
Summer: Nujek — Orj’lly — [Summer Solstice] — Aust
Autumn: Rensept — Obir — [Autumnal Equinox] — Vem

Days of the Week

Soltag — Dutag — Tritag — Tetrag — Pentag — Hextag

Midweek days (Tritag and Tetrag) are days of rest. Business days are Earlweek and Aftweek.


In the New World (the Northern continent), seasons are rather mild, and follow the seasons as outlined in the calendar. Travelling farther North, up into the Eagle’s Crest mountains, you enter the Arctic Circle, where seasons are divided into day (Marseille thru Aust) where the sun circles around the horizon, and night (Rensept thru Ebru). Similar situations occur in the Southern tip of Illtorid in the Antarctic circle, but on opposite seasons, and with more extreme temperature differences. In the Archipelago and the Northern edge of Illtorid the seasons are more tropical. In the Archipelago and the Northern coast of Illtorid this translates to a calm and a monsoon season (Summer/Autumn), where farther inland it becomes a dry and a wet season. Farther South, the climate becomes temperature, but opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, and more extreme in temperature differences.


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