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If you are from Illtorid, you can choose to be any of the following humans: Southern Barbarian, Sharakar, or Imperial Illtoridian (Tevarren, Karion, and Tarajan). You can also choose to be Dwarf (Deurgar).

If you are from the Archipelago, you can choose to be any of the following races: Human (Pirate, Quetzalcouatlis, and Tezcatlipocan) and Elf (Aquatic).

If you are from the New World, you can choose to be any of the following races: Human (Gatian, Northern Barbarian, and Pirate), Elf (Gray, High, Sylvan, and Avariel), Dwarf (Mountain and Hill), Gnome (Forest and Rock), Halfling (Hairfoot, Tallfellow, and Stout), Orc, Planar (Aasimar and Tiefling), and Genasi (Wind Duke, Sea King, Flame Lord, and Stone Prince). You can also be half-elf or half-orc.

If you are from the Far West, you can choose to be any of the following races: Dwarf (Korobokuru), Elf (Gray, High, and Sylvan), Hengeyokai (any), Orc, Spirit Folk (Bamboo, Sea, and River).

If you are from the Underdark, you can choose to be any of the following races: Dwarf (Deep and Deurgar), Elf (Drow), or Gnome (Svirfneblin).

If you are from Wildspace, you can choose to be Elf (Gray and High), Halfling (Furchin), Lizard Man, and Xixchil.


In Gat, there is much mistrust in Dwarves. After the Dwarf War, the dwarven race is struggling to recover and regain their numbers. Broken and bitter, these dwarves feel alone and alienated by the other races, maintaining tenuous alliances out of necessity and yearning for the glory days to return. They are dependent and beaten, and their only saving grace from extinction is their ingenuity in defending their stronghold homes. In Illtorid, the Duergar are a mythical race that is not much believed in. Except by the Southern Barbarians who are occasionally raided by them in the night. They come from under the Urd Mountains, and allied with the Frost Giants hold a place of terror in children’s stories.

In the Red Mountains and Eagle’s Crest can be found Mountain Dwarves and Hill Dwarves. In the Urd Mountains can be found Duergar. In the Underdark can be found Deep Dwarves and Duergar. In the Far West can be found Korobokuru.


The Elves of the New World are a rather mysterious race. They are never quite involved in human politics, and remain neutral in nearly all matters. Yet when the humans faced certain destruction in the Dwarf War, they rose up to aid the humans. They maintain a strong nation, advanced in magic, if not technology. Their racial pride is fierce, and they are quite aloof and mistrustful of the other races. There is very clearly an elven agenda, and it is an unintentional secret. The elves will willingly tell all if asked, it just never seems to come up in conversation is all. They usually stay out of human lands and let humans deal with human matters. The most interaction between the humans and elves occurs at the Hunters’ Lodge, situated halfway between Gat and Tilcroost, where hunters of both races gather and game.

In the Blue Forest and the Far West can be found Gray Elves, High Elves, and Sylvan Elves. You can also find Avariel in the Blue Forest near the mountains. In the Underdark can be found Drow, and in the Seas (especially the Archipelago) can be found Aquatic Elves.


Rock Gnome
Forest Gnome




Hengeyokai are animals that have the ability to shape change freely into human form, as well as a hybrid form. They are found throughout the Far West, and usually live on the fringes of the warring Orc clans.


Humans vary widely depending on where they are from.

Lizard Man


Plane Touched

More common in the New World, yet they can also appear rarely in the Archipelago and Illtorid. They always are found mixed into or near primarily human communities. The Plane Touched are divided into two categories, the Planars, and the Genasi. The Planars include the Aasimar and the Tiefling. The Genasi are based upon an Element such as Wind Dukes (Air), Flame Lords (Fire), Stone Princes (Earth), and Sea Kings (Water). Although it is exceedingly rare, Para-elemental and Quasi-elemental Genasi have been encountered as well.

Spirit Folk

In the ancient past, there was an early migration that brought humans to the far west by the same routes that populated the Northern Barbarians and the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago, however it occurred much earlier in history. The humans from this migration are gone now, leaving behind a small progeny of nature spirits, the Spirit Folk.



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