Meet the Dwarves

ST 25: After liberating the human lands from The Evil Wizard Tristan, they went northward through the Ruins of Genon Lee to track down the rumor of the mythical Dwarves. Nestled at the end of the Mountain Pass, and deep into the Red Mountains, lay the dwarven fortress city of Helmhold. Quite welcoming, the Dwarves embraced the newcomers and entertained them. Lady Liloyne Marcu had a somewhat difficult time getting along with the Dwarves, but they absolutely loved Reverend Crack Jackson who was just about as stubbornly devoted to his path as they were to theirs. While in Helmhold, they witnessed an Ankheg attack. It seems they had been plagued with them lately. Eager to aide his new allies and prove himself and the might of Dorn Kilrani, Reverend Crack Jackson set off to hunt and slay the Ankhegs. Fearing he would be lost without her, Lady Marcu tagged along. Together, they slew the Ankhegs that were plaguing the Dwarves. Recognizing a strong material that was non-metallic in the Ankhegs’ chitin shells, Reverend Crack Jackson then forged a chitin plate maille suit. The Dwarves and Crack Jackson resolve to establish a trade route through the ruins of Genon Lee, and establish Genon Lee as a demilitarized neutral zone between their territories. Having Established himself as the liason to the Dwarves, they effectively rendered Mayor Heartstrom powerless in all political matters leaving him only the ability to command the Town Guard. He fumed, but no one cared.

The Evil Wizard Tristan
And so it begins...

ST 23: The City of Nobles, Genon Lee, has been destroyed overnight. No one knew what hit them. The spell that Tristan used to destroy it was Flaming Sphere. Most people only remember seeing a giant ball of fire tearing through the city leaving death, destruction, and ash in it’s wake. It took 15 minutes for Tristan to destroy the city, and it continued to burn all night. The only buildings that made it in somewhat standing repair were House Trishna, House Glentin, and House Marcu. House Torn is surprisingly unscathed, but it’s also believed to be haunted so what the hey.

Reverend Crack Jackson and Lady Liloyne Marcu band together and travel southwest to Gat to find and slay Tristan, who is laired under the catacombs one mile outside of town.

After descending into the catacombs, they encounter a few monsters, spiders and carrion crawlers, without too much difficulty and a lot of help from fire. Early on in the second level, they find a secret chamber where a Rust Monster is being held by a rope leash. Reverend Crack Jackson casts Friendship with Animals upon him, and they gain an instant ally, whom they named Rusty.

Later they enter a chamber where they encounter Larry, whom they believe to be Tristan’s Humunculus. Larry uses an amulet to transport them to Avernus in Baator, just outside of the City of Darkspine. No one really knows exactly what happened in Baator, but Reverend Crack Jackson and Lady Liloyne Marcu don’t like to talk about it. Perhaps we shall never know. One way or another, they got back relatively quickly and continued on their journey.

They encounter Larry again, this time killing him before he can transport them again, and take his medallion.

They continue on into a labyrinth where they find a magical barrier preventing the transmission of sound from the outside, magical darkness, and the air is filled with the deafening noise of Cave Crickets from a chamber below the labyrinth, making concentration and spellcasting impossible. The Labyrinth itself is infested with Osquips and filled with traps. Lady Liloyne completely dismantles a trap, and enters the chamber below it, setting up ropes and pitons. They climb across the bottom of the labyrinth and make it out relatively quickly and safely.

On the other side of the Labyrinth, the passage opens into Tristan’s Laboratory about 35 feet up from the floor. Tristan spots them and attempts to summon the Rust Monster on them, but he’s not there. They unless Rusty, who dives excitedly into the lab, destroying the equipment and spilling chemicals. Potions, explosions, and smokes fill the lab, and Tristan is caught completely off guard by the chaos as the party descends into the lab. They engage Tristan in a brief struggle, with Reverend Crack Jackson wrestling him to the ground and Lady Liloyne Marcu slipping the amulet over his neck. They release Tristan and call Rusty, who spots the amulet and lunges at it so fast that he completely decapitates Tristan in the process of eating the amulet and chain. The amulet and Tristan have both been destroyed.

Reverend Crack Jackson, Lady Liloyne Marcu, and Rusty emerge from the catacombs carrying Tristan’s head, and march into Gat to reveal the end of his tyranny. Reverend Crack Jackson seals the catacombs off, and begins construction of Gataca, a temple devoted to Dorn Kilrani on top of it. Lady Liloyne Marcu takes control of political relations to the people, even though Mayor Kal Heartstrom is still technically in office.

Reverend Crack Jackson is so inspired by the “aide from Dorn Kilrani” that he received in the form of Rusty, that he selects the Rust Monster as the symbol of Dorn Kilrani, and adopts a no-metal philosophy to represent the release of worldly wealth. Having destroyed Tristan, the faith of Dorn Kilrani gains many followers. Reverend Crack Jackson appoints Chord Jish to run the affairs of the Church in his absences.


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