Thorn Tillamook

The ruthless "Hero" and sword for hire of Gat.


Race: Human
Class: Fighter/Thief EXP: 464,901
Class LVL ^9 ^11
Alignment: Lawful/?
Thac0: 12
AC: 2/4 *modified between armor sets
HP: 82

Thief Skills
PP 100 (110)#
OL 10 (20)#
F/RT 100
MS 120
HiS 105 (120)!
DN 75
CW 90
RL 60

Weapon Prof. 4+1/3
Flanged Mace
Flint Lock Pistol

Non Weapon Prof.3+1/3
Forester(Wood Lore, Lumbering)
Sailor(Sailing, Rope Use, Swimming)
Set snares
Engineering x2
Stone Masonry

Zorro Outfit
Chain Mail
Tower Shield
Flanged Mace
Soft Boots
Vile of Poison
Poisoned Arrows
Modified Bow (The Elven Incident)
Studded Leather Armor
Flint Lock
Manticore Spine Necklace
Manticore Rib modification to Cuirass
Ogre Ear Necklace
Clasp of Elven Friend

Gat Residence worth 111GP
(1 Bedroom, 1 Closet, 1 Toilet, 2 Chairs, 1 Card Table, 1 Chest, 1 Window, 1 Door + Latch,
1 simple Bed)
Gat/ Human Nation Protectorate Stronghold

Magical Items:

Handy Haversack {
“Bag of Corid” (broken)
“Bag of Weak Corid” (broken)
Cloak of elvenkind
Amulet of Proof Against Detection
Gauntlet of Dexterity#
Hat of Disguise
Necklace of Adaptation
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of X-ray
2x Basilisk Heads


Started out as a sailor out of Port Yafford. Eventually wandered to the city of Gat dodging trouble in the Port city. Down on his luck and his money, Thorn took himself to the local hive of villainy and vice, The White Oak. As he gambled and drank, he ended up losing a few hands of tiles to some young whelp. As the boy staggered off into the slums around the White Oak Complex he was taken unawares by Thorn, and the money the boy had wrongfully won off of Thorn was regained.
As Thorn returned to his racket a problem with his tab lead him to the upstairs office of the notorious Morgan Eulogy Delain, Proprietor of the White Oak. His meeting left him with a bit of a shiver, but a job, and better yet, a purpose. There were some Elven Nobility wandering around the town of Gat and no one knew who they were working for, what their purpose was, or how long they would be doing it for. To the best of anyone’s knowledge they were admiring the architecture of the land. After being forced to pair up with a small androgynous person, Thorn went chasing the elves around town attempting to harry information out of the elves. After three days of this he became disgruntled and decided to go drinking with a local dwarven group who had been demanding the purpose of the elven group daily as well. After much merriment an idea struck Thorn to get the dwarves and elves to have a drinking contest. After which he brought the elves upstairs and bound them in their drunken stupor. Early next morning as he entered the room all the bonds had been removed and he was surprised by a knife at his throat by one of the elves. After this point he was personally told to never come near them again.
A few more days pass and the end year festival was at hand. Where an assassination plot was uncovered targeting the mayor, and the elven emissaries, who had finally agreed to talk with the mayor and publicly show themselves on the end year festival. The assassin was thwarted due to the heroic and altruistic actions of Thorn and his group of hired help. With quick action Thorn managed to single handed-ly bash the brains of the would-be-assassin in with his mace. Afterwards he carried his body to the elven emissaries as a brokerage of peace between him and their misunderstanding earlier. All then seemed well until some foul plot came to fruition as the dwarven nation started grumblings of war against the elven nation.
The dwarves having sent an ambassador of their own to Gat were furious that their ambassador had not returned and was thought captured or dead, and even framed of the attempted assassination on the end year festival. With this trouble brewing the dwarves took captive the elven ambassador from human lands Lady Laylani. This was Thorn’s first of many memorable adventures with Lady Laylani, and also the first of many, god willing, forgettable memories with an insufferable swashbuckler named Fernando. to be continued

Thorn Tillamook

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