Lady Shralen Torn of Tilcroost

Chosen of Tiana, Elven Ambassador to the Human Peoples of Gat


Avariel Elf, quite beautiful. Her movements and gestures are very decided.

Her son is Lycaon Torn, a kitsune that appears very un-elflike. She always travels with her best friend, Dazzlestar Hummhinger, a strange, lively, and curious creature physically similar to a halfling. She is also always in the presence of her manservant, Dele, a man of few words.


Shralen Torn first appeared in Genon Lee, when her manor mysteriously appeared overnight. After years of living isolated in solitude in House Torn, Shralen left one day, not to be seen again by human eyes for nearly 50 years. During that time, Shralen moved to Tilcroost and slowly integrated into the Elven City. In ST 26, the Orcs unified into one terrifying force, and invaded Tilcroost. The Elves were powerless to stop them. Shralen, Lycaon, Dazzlestar, and Dele went forth and demolished the Orcish Horde. Their bravery and power earned their respect in the Elven Court, and when it came time to appoint an ambassador to the human peoples Shralen was chosen. She has befriended Lady Liloyne, and currently resides in Marcu Manor in Gat, along with her entourage and Sir Leif. She is often sought out for her sage knowledge and advice.

Lady Shralen Torn of Tilcroost

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