The Marvelous Misadventures of Pielmont Veraxia Cardinnare of Banton and Peryroyale "No-Cheese" Jackslantern Linkshin

ST 30: A modest wizard, Pielmont Veraxia Cardinnare and his incredibly strong Halfling friend, the mischievous Peryroyale “No-Cheese” Jackslantern Linkshin, team up together and leave Banton to seek adventure. Their travels take them westward, and then northward towards Genon Lee. While there, they are beset by thugs, and to escape they hide in the stables of the orphanage. While hiding behind straw bales from the thugs who are still pursuing them, they get into an argument and accidentally set the straw bales on fire. The flames take up really fast, and spread to the orphanage. With the thugs zeroing in on our “heros,” they begin to flee yet again. Pielmont tries to return to the orphanage to help and admit his error, but Peryroyale forces him to continue their flight. They escape the thugs, and the orphanage burns to the ground.

After leaving Genon Lee, the intrepid pair heads east to find their fate and fortune in the Foothills and Plains. Their journey takes them to Barbrough Shire, where they proceed to get entangled in business they shouldn’t, and become involved in a scandal regarding a land dispute. After unintentionally insulting the halfling hosts quite gravely during a dispute amongst themselves, the two of them get tied to a pole on a raft and sent downstream a creek, banished. They escape their bonds and head west to seek their fortune elsewhere.

Near Banton, our epic pair of do-gooders encounter a group of goblins and dispose of them readily enough. From the goblins they retrieve a small statuette. Returning to town to rest and recoup, Pielmont identifies the statuette as being able to summon an Umber Hulk, but not to control it. They argue about whether or not it should be used, and Peryroyale snatches it and uses it to summon the Umber Hulk, which promptly devours a nearby peasant, then runs off. Astonished, Pielmont and Peryroyale continue to bicker about the morality of said action, and Pielmont confiscated the statuette and they resolve to leave. Just outside of Banton, they encounter an old, retired Paladin living as a simple farmer. Seeing this as a chance to repent for the peasant, Pielmont rouses the Paladin with an inspiring speech and convinces him to once again take up his sword and armor. With the Paladin leaving to do more good in his last few years, our dynamic pair of great thinkers encounter a few kobolds, and Pielmont summons the Umber Hulk to face them. The Umber Hulk immediately runs away, and devours the Paladin who had not yet crossed over the horizon. Our team of great heroes finish off the measly kobolds, and continue on their way. Peryroyale to this day continues to give Pielmont a hard time about the Paladin.

Our team of weary adventurers settle in the city of Gat to make their way as cartwrights. Having completely failed to provide any services of value to anyone in their travels and causing more harm than good, they decide that the best way they can provide for the common man is to work among them and provide what support they could as the situation arises. Pielmont still will not admit that they were abysmal failures as adventurers.


NDaedalus NDaedalus

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