Meet the Elves

ST 28: Reverend Crack Jackson and Lady Liloyne Marcu travel northwest into the Blue Forest to seek out rumors of the mythical elves. In the forest, they do indeed find elves, and aide them in repelling an orcish raiding party. Seeing that they are indeed looking for peace, the elves decide to open up tentative relations with the humans. As a way of establishing a border, and a common meeting point for cultural interaction, Lady Liloyne Marcu and the Elves arranged for a Hunter’s Lodge to be built, welcoming visitors both elven and human. They sneered at Reverend Crack Jackson and his silly religion, and only dealt with Liloyne. Lady Shralen Torn was chosen as the ambassador of the Elven nation, Tilcroost, to the human lands, by meeting with Lady Liloyne Marcu regularly. Reverend Crack Jackson is ineffectual in these events. After establishing herself as the Liason to the newly discovered Elven kingdom, Shralen’s place as a politician becomes secured, and no amount of Mayor Heartstrom’s whining can change that.


NDaedalus NDaedalus

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